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Watering your yard during summer

We wanted to stress the importance of watering your lawn right now! Remember…. you are going to do more harm if you water your yard everyday for 15 minutes. It’s better to water your yard less frequently for longer periods of time! The objective is to completely soak the ground and then allow time to dry out. Mowing, feeding and watering are so important to your yard, especially with our high temperatures right now. If you have any questions or comments, let us know. Have a great day!

You Deserve Exceptional Lawn Care Service with The Most Powerful Lawn Care Guarantee in Louisiana! If you aren’t satisfied with our lawn care or landscape services we will come repeat the work free of charge.  Still not happy?  Then you owe nothing.  It can’t get any easier than that. Our business plan is simple.  You want a beautiful yard without any hassle and you do not want to worry about how, when and why things need to get done.  That’s where we come in.  We aren’t just making a bunch of empty promises.  We are saying that we love lawn and landscapes and know how to care of them.  Exceptionally reliable, worry free, quality lawn care…guaranteed.  Call today for your FREE estimate, 318-286-0967!

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Drainage Issue

If you are having issues with standing water around your house sometimes you have no other choice but to install a drainage system. Depending on your yard, you might have to install a larger pipe. Most yard will do well with a 4 inch pipe, however, some with larger yards or pools may need to go to an 8 inch pipe to make sure that you get enough drainage for the yard size. If you are not sure what size you will need, NDS is a great resource for sizing gallons per minute. As always, contact us with any questions. We’d love to answer your questions. Have a great day!!

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Mosquito Treatment

It’s a solid fact that mosquitoes are the worst part about summer. Especially when you live in the south. They show up at the worst of times too! Like when you are having a cook out, while the kids are playing in the yard, when grandma shows up to help with the flowerbeds! They are the pest that won’t easily go away.

We use a process known as fogging or barrier spray to help control mosquitos in your yard. We do this with a water based insecticide that doesn’t have a smell, leave stains or residue behind. After approximately 30 minutes after your application, you won’t be able to tell that we were there other than the fact that you are not getting eaten up by mosquitos anymore! If you have any questions about this service please leave your comments below. Have a great day!!

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Mowing Your Yard during Summer

As temperatures are rising, you are having to mow your yard more frequently. It’s very tempting to skip mowing the yard on weeks that are hotter but that is a very bad practice!! When you mow your yard infrequently, it promotes a thick unhealthy layer of thatch. The mulching mowers will not be able to mulch up that much grass. Also, the water and fertilizer will have a harder time getting to the roots. If you have any questions or comments, let us know.  Have a great day!

Our business philosophy revolves around the concepts of highest quality standards and offering guarantees to our clients. This is why we are confident that even if you can benefit from our “fix for free” policy, you won’t need to use it, as we will do our job perfectly from the first trial.

Since we work with trained professionals and you won’t see a dull mowing blade nowhere around your lawn and landscape, we think that all you need to do to see if we’re as good as we say we are is to give us a call and ask for a free estimate. We always answer the phone and we provide you with a secure online account and many payment options, including credit card. We know you are a busy person, so flexible schedules are not a problem.

What does a Flood Watch mean for your Landscape?

What does a Flood Watch mean for your Landscape?  As we prepare for Tropical Storm Cindy we wanted to talk about the effects large amounts of rainfall has and what it can do to your lawn and landscape.  Most grasses will tolerate being overwhelmed with large amounts of water for longer periods of time without serious damage. The biggest problem with too much rainfall is from the movement of soil and debris over the grass.

What about shrubs and trees?  Although we are not expecting high winds to knock over trees, the rain alone can do damage to trees if the ground gets overly saturated.   Most shrubs and trees will have a healthy root system already in place that will protect them from too much rainfall.  However, if heavy amounts of water should sit for multiple days, freshly planted shrubs and trees could be damaged.

Cleaning up after the rainfall is actually the worst part. After you remove debris such a fallen limbs and soil build up, you will want to avoid walking on your lawn until it dries out.  If your lawn is severely damaged by the amount of rainfall you should consider core aerating your yard to help in drying it out faster. Saturated soil followed by drying out can sometime lead to soil compaction which is fixed by aeration.  Be sure to also turn off your sprinkler system and allow your landscape and grass to throughly dry out before running it again.

Unfortunately, our lawns cannot hide from the force of mother nature but having a plan in place for lawn care during heavy downpours will help to ensure that after the storm passes your lawn, trees and shrubs will survive.



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Dollar Leaf Weed

Dollar Leaf Weed is a very common weed you will find in the south.  It is commonly described as “mini lily pads” which is exactly what they look like.  You will find them in any type of grass. They like really wet areas in your yard so if you have area in your yard where water does not train really well, you might see this weed start growing. It is considered a broadleaf weed so you can prevent it and you can kill it with any type of atrazine product.

Dollar Leaf Weed has an almost identical twin called Dichondra Weed.  The difference between them is that the Dollar leaf weed has a stem that hits the leaf in the center.  The Dichondra weed has a stem that grows on the side of the leaf that causes the leaf to make a half moon. Dollar Leaf Weed is a very low growing weed so cutting your grass higher will allow the grass to choke out the Dollar Leaf Weed.  Here is a product we suggest using in helping with Dollar Leaf Weed. Let us know if you have any questions!  Have a great day!


How to treat Dandelions

Dandelions are a broadleaf perennial that grows all over the United States. Most people think that just pulling the flower out of the soil will kill the weed, however, Dandelions have a root system that can grow 2-3 inches into the soil that will need to also be removed.  Spring is the best time frame to starting the process of killing the weed.  There are serval ways you can stop this weed from growing in your yard.  

Mow high!  Having a thick and healthy lawn will help prevent dandelions from spreading. Dandelions will thrive in thin lawns so keeping a thick lawn will in a sense suffocate the weed out.

Being consistent with the use of pre emergents in the spring and fall are a way to prevent them from growing. Using a pre emergent will help in suppressing the weeds…. making it more difficult for dandelions to grow in the future.

The main thing to remember when trying to rid your yard of dandelions is that you must treat all the way to the root!  Also, we know everyone loves to take the dandelion once the flower has turned to seeds and blow them into the wind.  Just make sure that wind direction doesn’t blow those seeds back into your own yard!  If you have any comments, leave them below.  Have a great day!



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Crape Myrtle Scale: What is it?

Now that spring is in full force and your crape myrtles are about to bloom, you need to be aware of what else might be going on with your crape myrtles.  Scale has become a big issue around Shreveport / Bossier when it comes to scale.  Most people notice the black sooty mold first and that’s when they realize there is an issue.  You usually see the black mold on the tree  and on all of the plants under the tree.  The reason for this is the scale.  The live in the tree feeding on the outside bark.  They secrete a by product called honeydew, the clear sticky stuff you will see.  The black mold grows on this honeydew.  So the answer to get rid of the mold is to get rid of the scale.  Fixing one issue will fix 3.  

In the Spring the scale are young and tender.  This is also when they are the most active.  While there is no real way to get rid of them all, you can control them right now.  If you wait until later in the summer the treatments are not nearly as effective due the are armored shell they develop which makes it hard to get insecticide to the bug.  Like we said, there is no way to get rid of the scale but there are treatments.  It has to be a 3 step approach.  First you want to use a bee friendly insecticide that way you don’t disturb the pollinators or bees.  The first two should be sprayed onto the tree and all the crakes.  This is best if done using a spray gun that can reach the tops as well.  Space the first 2 applications out by roughly 2 weeks.  The third application can be a deep root injection if you have the equipment for this or you can drench the roots using a bucket.   

If you have any questions, let us know.  This is a very important step in helping to control this problem.  Have a great day!

powdery mildew

Powdery Mildew in St Augustine Grass

Have you seen powdery mildew in your St Augustine Grass?  This is actually a pretty common issue during warm, wet or humid weather. All of which we are no strangers to. Generally speaking it’s hard to prevent but it’s also pretty harmless to the grass as well. You typically can brush your hand or foot across it and it will fall right off the grass blade. So long as the grass doesn’t appear to be in distress like the ones shown, there no need to react or do anything. It will usually go away the next time you cut the grass of when the weather dries up. In the event it does seem to be spreading or causing a decline to the grass, you will need to apply a fungicide to the affect area. If you’ve got any questions please let us know! Have a great Monday!

Do you have a Sprinkler System?

There is so much to be said about this picture! If you have a sprinkler system at your house then you should also have a vacuum breaker. That’s the copper U shaped thing in the side of the house. You know, the thing that freezes in the winter! This is an attempt to repair one, a poor attempt at best. Usually we are all about telling you how to fix this stuff on your own. However, when it comes to vacuum breakers they have to be installed, inspected and tested by a licensed professional. PLEASE don’t accept this as an ok job! If you have any questions, please let us know!