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When Lightning Strikes

With all the storms we had this weekend, what do you do if a tree gets hit by lightning? Sometimes it depends on how bad it was but other times like this one there is nothing you can do. Notice in this one how the damage goes from the top all the way to the base and into the root system. It’s basically a death sentence to the tree. The power can be so great that it will blow bark 20-40 feet away from the tree. In the event the lightning strike doesn’t kill the tree, it is now prone to damage from other things like bugs that will surely finish it off. It will typically take up to a year for it to look completely dead and you will need to have it removed. Hope this helps!

Tiny Oak Trees

Are you growing tiny oak trees in your yard?  If you have ever noticed these little sprouts shooting up and been concerned everything is going to be ok!  Oak trees have both male and female reproductive capabilities and are able to reproduce on their own. As animals such as squirrels feed on the acorns and drop them or as they naturally fall, some will germinate and start to reproduce.  This is what gives you the small shoots with the full size leaf. Typically you will just notice them in the drip line area of the tree. That is the area where the canopy reaches out. As you start to mow the lawn they will go away because they can not handle the stress.  If you can stand them being there options would be to remove the shoots by hand but that just seems time consuming. You could also use something like Roundup but that is going to kill the grass as well. The best option is just mow like normal and it’s handled. Hope this helps!

Bare Spots In The Yard

A common concern we hear from people is about bare spots in their yard.  We are not talking about small spots but larger areas where the grass is not there and there is just bare ground.  The purpose of a lawn care program is to care for the grass that is currently growing. The treatment program in itself is not going to create new grass or cause grass to start growing in an area.  To get grass in these areas you will have to install sod or consider using a grass seed. The biggest question you need to first answer is why is the grass not growing there now. Typically it is due to shade, water, soil conditions or something else.  These issues will need to be addressed before you will be able to fix the issues of no grass. Once the new sod is installed you can then treat the area like normal! Hope this helps!

Termite Swarmers

Every year this time it is very common to hear about termite “swarmers” infesting an area.  Generally speaking people will call because all they see are flying bugs everywhere and they want them gone!  The reality is that they have a far greater problem…active termites in the area. Swarmers are actually future kings and queens looking for an area to form a new colony.  The fact that you are seeing them also means that they flew from another colony somewhere close by. You can also assume that if you are seeing them swam inside the house then part of the colony is already inside the house feeding somewhere.  Most people make the mistake of wanting to kill what they see and then nothing else. Again, swarmers are coming from an existing colony so it is important to treat the immediate area and structure to protect and hopefully kill the main colony.  As the temperatures keep rising, be on the lookout for these swarmers. If you see any and have questions, send us a picture and we will help you identify what’s going on! Hope this helps!

Knockout Are Ready

Did you listen to us back in February when we said it was time to trim your knockout roses?  Hopefully you did and yours will look similar to these! Knockout roses are getting ready to blow up with new blooms!  Some have even started already. This is not the time to do any trimming to them because doing so would remove the buds and reduce the number of flowers you get to enjoy!  Hope this helps!

Flower Size Matters

When you get ready to plant your seasonal flowers this spring, keep in mind that cheaper is not always better.  A popular option for flowers is what is called a 6 pack vs the bigger 4 in pot.  They are both the same plant but one is just in a bigger container than the other.  This larger container though allows the plant to develop a thicker root system which results in a bigger plant.  This bigger plant will not only give you more instant satisfaction but the plant to withstand the pressures of being installed much easier.  Take a look at the video and you will see what we are talking about!  Hope this helps!

How To Prevent Sprinkler System Water Hammer

When you turn your sprinkler system it is important to be careful with how you go about it.  Most all systems have, or at least should have, a ball valve located somewhere between the water meter and the vacuum breaker of the system.  This is the U shaped thing that comes out of the ground and is typically made of copper or plastic. The water line should be empty and full of just air.  When you turn your system back on, if you open the valve too fast you can create what is called a “Water Hammer”. This is when the force of the air or the wall of water hits the pipes or any other connection so hard that it causes damage to the equipment.  The proper way to handle this would be to slowly turn the water on and allow the air to escape. Even after you open the system up don’t be surprised if it blows a lot of air from the lines for several minutes. On another note, I’d be careful just sticking my hand into any of these boxes without first looking and making sure there are not any critters living in there.  We have found everything from spiders to snakes and even scorpions. Hope this helps!

Termite Hole Size


A popular option for termites treatments has become using bait stations. They are installed all the way around your house every 10-20 feet apart. They have a bait in them that attracts termites to feed on them. As they feed they will carry the product back to the colony for others to feed on as well. This will cause the destruction of the total colony. When installing these stations, it is important how deep and wide the holes are. The stations need to fit into the ground very firmly so that the termites can travel through the soil and into the bait stations with ease. If you use something like a post hole digger you will create voids on the edges of the stations which make it difficult for the termites to reach the bait stations. They should be difficult to pull out of the ground and require you to have to pry them out. The bait stations are a great option, just make sure they are getting installed correctly so it doesn’t defeat the purpose. Let us know if you have any questions!