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Winter Time Bugs

During the winter it’s not uncommon to see new or additional bugs inside of the house.  It isn’t always a sign of an infestation though.  The 2 major causes of new pests are firewood and decoration boxes.  Most all bugs come into your home from the outside.  This is why you are able to protect your home using an exterior application.  The bugs are intercepted before coming inside.  When you bring firewood from outside into the house you can also be bringing in bugs.  Another big cause is decoration boxes.  They sit in storage all year and then get brought inside.  If you don’t inspect the box before bringing them inside you could also be bringing in bugs.  Our suggestion is to keep firewood stored away from the house and keep decoration boxes outside if you can help it.  Also inspect everything before bringing it in to make sure it’s not covered in bugs!  Hope this helps!  

Termite Treatment Inspection

We talk a lot about the importance of protecting your house from termites. What you don’t want to forget though is the importance of ongoing inspections.  These inspections are one of the main reasons we only use bait stations and recommend you doing the same.  Just like in the video, you are able to remove the stations and visually inspect whether or not there is any active termite activity.  When there is you know they are now present and to be more diligent in watching for them.  You also will know that if they are actively feeding that soon the colony will collapse.  You can also change out the old bait for new in the event there is heavy activity.  If the bait starts to break down you can also change it out.  The important thing to remember is don’t just treat and forget!  Make sure you are inspecting the bait stations at least twice a year for activity or issues!  Hope this helps!

Snapdragons in the Fall

You must be mindful of the fluctuating temperatures when planning your fall flowers. If you plant too early and it gets to hot outside you will loose some of your plants. It you wait too late the cold temps will keep the plants from rooting and doing as well. Snapdragons are tender perennials that will repeat bloom throughout the season but do best in the cool of spring and fall. Throughout the winter their performance will depend on how extreme our weather is. The colder it is the less they will bloom. Don’t count them out in the Spring time. As it warms up they will explode and often still be blooming when it is time to plant your summer flowers. Hope this helps!

Leaf Removal vs Mulching

Your grass may not be growing but you still need to keep your lawn clean! If you have trees anywhere near your yard then there no doubt by now that you have seen a ton of leaves. Depending on the types of trees will depend on the size of leaves, amount and the time they fall. In the start of Fall, using your mower to mulch them up will sometimes be enough. As you get further into the year however, you will usually have to pick up and remove the leaves at least 1-4 times. When you mow over them with a mower it turns them into mulch like it does cutting grass. The issues start when there are too many leaves. You will end up contributing to the thatch layer that sits above the root system in the lawn. Some thatch is an ok thing, too much is harmful to the grass. The issues however are going to be delayed and you won’t see the negatives for some time like when the grass is struggling to grow thick next summer. Another issue is when to many leaves start to form a sort of mat on top of the grass. Over time this mat will stay wet and keep the grass wet. This will then lead to rotting of the grass and other possible fungus issues. Just remember to not let the leaves build up to much on your lawn and unless your mower can make them disappear, there are to many and they need to be picked up and removed. Hope this helps!

LED Bulbs VS Glass Bulbs

Before you buy your Christmas light material this year, make sure to research all the given options. We have done our best to go full LED and it has changed the game! Although LED bulbs are more expensive, the cost is well worth it. One thing we have always wanted to avoid is broken glass! No matter how careful you are broken glass is just a thing. LED bulbs are made of hard durable plastic, making them almost indestructible. Something to keep in mind is how much you can save on your power bill. LED bulbs use 90% LESS electricity vs your traditional glass incandescent bulb. Let us know if you have any questions!! 

Questions Before You Buy.. Christmas Lights!

Halloween has come and gone.. Time to start thinking about Christmas!! Looking to out do the neighbors this year? Wanting to hire professionals to install your Christmas lights? If so, there are a few key questions you should be asking. These questions are to ensure you receive the best product for the best price. Let us know if you have any questions or need suggestions! Have a great day!

Crape Myrtles Are Changing!

We’ve had a few calls about Crape Myrtles changing color and if anything could be wrong with them. Don’t worry, nothing is wrong,  it is perfectly normal this time of year. Crape myrtles will continue to change through the rest of the year. Once December hits their leaves will begin to fall, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to trim them. Crape myrtles should be in complete dormancy before being trimmed. Once they are dormant, this is when selective cuts can be made… Remember to never commit CRAPE murder! Hope this helps! If you have any questions, let us know down below! Have a great day!

Pine Straw or Mulch?

It’s one of the most popular asked question this time of year.. “Which is better.. Pine straw or Mulch?”

In all honesty.. The ball is in your court! While both have their own pros and cons, one does not out do the other. For example, price. The price difference between the two is not enough to choose one over the other. Here are a few things that may help you decide.
Don’t install mulch if pine trees are in the yard. Although mulch tends to look much cleaner, over time it ends up covered in pine straw looking messy! Pine straw is a hiding place for snakes… so that a huge con for some people! If landscape beds hold water keep in mind, mulch is more likely to wash out of the bed vs pine straw.
The list could go on and on. At the end of the day, choose whichever looks better in your opinion or best fits your situation. Let us know if you have any questions! 

Landscape Lighting: Photocell Timer

Time change is this weekend so don’t forget to set back the clock!  While everyone knows to set back the clock, people do tend to forget about their landscape lighting. The biggest complaint with landscape lighting is having to figure out when and how to set the time manually. Either the lights are coming on too early or going off too late, vise versa. 

An easy solution for this is a photocell timer. A photocell timer will trigger landscape lights to turn on once it’s dark and turn off once the sun comes up.  The one downside of a photocell timer is if we experience a thunderstorm the lights may trigger and come on. It’s a very small downside compared to all the positive advantages they give. These timers can be bought here in town at Ewing Irrigation.

Let us know if you have any questions or need suggestions. Have a great day!

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“Winterizing” A Lawn

This time of year we are asked about “winterizing” a lawn. The meaning of winterizing can be subjective. If someone is living up North and has cool season grass, there are far more steps needed compared to someone in the South with warm season grass. Right now the main thing that needs to be done is apply pre-emergent. Pre-emergents stop winter time weeds from germinating. Do NOT apply fertilizer to your lawn right now. Grass is weeks away from going dormant and green grass is coming to an end. Applying fertilizer right now opens the opportunity for disease and fungus to develop. Later in the year you can apply supplements for the grasses root system. Right now is all about weed control and prevention with Pre-emergents!