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Cold Snaps vs Your Plants

It’s going to get into the 30’s the next few days and several people are worried about their plants.  One plant everyone stresses about are palms. Generally speaking, you only need to worry about these when there is ice and snow covering them.  In the event we get into the low 20’s so long periods of time you can expect some damage as well. All that said with the upcoming weather you will be ok.  You can however expect to see some damage to your summer time annual flowers. This isn’t a huge issue though because it is time for them to die off anyway.  Depending on if we get a frost as well you may also expect to see some damage to your tropical plants as well. Again, this time of year we expect them to die back and require maintenance.  There is also no need to worry about your sprinkler system right now either. Frankly, it isn’t going to be cold enough long enough for there to be any freezing issues. Hope this helps!   

Don’t Touch ShiShis

These are ShiShi buds.  In a matter of weeks or even days all of these buds will turn into flowers.  It is super important to remember this while doing your fall cleanups. When you trim the plant now, before it blooms, you will be cutting and removing the buds which create the flower.  Wait until the January time frame when the plants have completely gone through their bloom cycle. This is when you want to trim and feed them. The plant is not meant to be a manicured one so in a lot of cases they will just need a light trim to get any limbs that have outgrown others.  Hope this helps!

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Deer vs Hair

Deer vs Hair: If you are having issue with deer eating your plants, consider a trip down to the barber shop. Not to get your hair cut but to get a bag of hair. Deer hate the smell of humans. By getting a bag of hair and sprinkling it around your land scape, the deer will avoid the strong smell of humans in the area. The smell will wear off over time so be prepared to re apply.

Pre Emergents

What Does It Mean To Winterize?

This time every year we get asked about “winterizing my lawn.” I guess what this actually means is kind of subjective. If you were living up north and had cool season grasses then there are a lot of steps that need to happen. Here in the south with warm season grasses not so much! Right now all you really need to worry about is Pre Emergents. This will help prevent weeds this winter and into the Spring. DO NOT apply any more fertilizer to your lawn this year. The grass is weeks away from going dormant and applying fertilizer will actually make the lawn open to disease and other issues. Later in the winter you can apply some supplements for the roots systems but for now just worry about the weed control with Pre Emergents! Hope this helps!


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Pre Emergent Time

We are in FULL pre emergent mode around here! These trucks are about to hit the road with full routes of perhaps the most important application of the year, for sure next Spring!

When you think of Fall pre emergents you think of winter weeds like clovers and such that will take over a lawn when it’s cold outside. While this is correct, it’s important to note that the most important weeds it will prevent are the ones you will see this upcoming March and April. Most of the weeds you see during these months are actually still winter weeds. The lie dormant all winter just waiting on the temperatures to warm up and like a light switch the blow up! You basically have 2 options to deal with this issue.
1-Be proactive and apply a pre emergent NOW
2-Be reactive and “attempt” to kill the weeds as they start to grow.

Make the right call and get ahead of the game…apply your pre emergents this fall and don’t fight weeds next spring!

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Stop Watering Everyday!

STOP WATERING YOUR YARD!!!! Everyday we are seeing homes that are running their systems daily. We understand it’s hot and “droughty” outside. You have to remember though that running your system everyday is actually counterproductive to the health of your lawn. What is important is HOW LONG you water. When you run the system fewer times a week but for longer sessions you get a much deeper soak into the soil. This forces the roots to grow deeper looking for water. Letting the lawn dry out in between these sessions is also important as it helps prevent possible fungus damage. Hope this helps!

Side note, we are unsure if “droughty” is a real word but it is one we use almost daily. Feel free to use it in your personal vocabulary moving forward!


MPR nozzle

How You Water Matters

It’s hot as HE🏒🏒 out there this week! If you’re not watering your lawn you will see the damage soon enough! We’ve said it 100 times by now though that “HOW” you water matters as much as actually watering. The time of day is one of those “HOW” issues. Watering at night is usually the best option for a few reasons. The wind is usually much calmer during the night for one and this means less drift. The water pressure is also higher since people are sleeping and not taking showers, washing clothes and the such. It also gives the water plenty of time to soak into the ground. When you water during the day you lose a lot to evaporation in the sun. We usually recommend running your system anywhere from 12:00-4:00 this time of year. Hope this helps!


Shrub Head Filter

If you have a clogged sprinkler head here is another possible issue you’re facing. All of your shrub heads have a filter installed in them. You get to the filter by removing the head and then pulling it out with your fingers. If you do this while the system is turned on be careful that it doesn’t get shot into the air and lost for good! Once the filter is removed you can clean it out in water to get all of the trash out of it. Then simply stick it back into the shrub nipple and screw the head back down. This simple task will fix a lot of your basic issues with shrub heads. If there is still a problem and you need help, send us a picture or video! Have a great day!

Bifen XTS

Bugs in the lawn and home are never any fun.  If you have ever wanted to try a professional grade product, take a look at Bifen XTS.  It’s easy to apply as long as you have equipment to spray a liquid.  A hand sprayer or backpack sprayer will work but it is hard to calibrate them sometimes.  We suggest the XTS version over the IT version due to it’s make up.  The XTS is in an oil base and mixes in water much easier.  The IT is a lot thicker and will sink to the bottom of your spray bottle if your not carful.  When you read the label, there is a wide range of insects that are covered by Bifen making it a staple in most pro’s trucks!

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Sharpen Your Mower Blades

This subject will never get old!  It’s something that is such a simple task yet is over looked.  Most people should sharpen their blades at least 3-4 times a year.  When your blades are sharp the mower does a better job of mulching, it cuts the grass instead of tearing it and is just overall healthier for the lawn.  Watch the video and see what we mean!