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Ladder Stabilizers

Here is a handy tool to use on your ladder while hanging your Christmas Lights.  Ladder stabilizers actually serve a couple of purposes.  The first and most important is that it stabilizes the ladder against the house and helps keep it from moving.  Another big one is that it keeps the ladder from leaning against your gutters and causing damage.  They are pretty cheap and can be taken on and off the ladder easily as well.  Hope this helps!  Be careful out there!

Winter Time Bugs

During the winter it’s not uncommon to see new or additional bugs inside of the house.  It isn’t always a sign of an infestation though.  The 2 major causes of new pests are firewood and decoration boxes.  Most all bugs come into your home from the outside.  This is why you are able to protect your home using an exterior application.  The bugs are intercepted before coming inside.  When you bring firewood from outside into the house you can also be bringing in bugs.  Another big cause is decoration boxes.  They sit in storage all year and then get brought inside.  If you don’t inspect the box before bringing them inside you could also be bringing in bugs.  Our suggestion is to keep firewood stored away from the house and keep decoration boxes outside if you can help it.  Also inspect everything before bringing it in to make sure it’s not covered in bugs!  Hope this helps!  

Termite Treatment Inspection

We talk a lot about the importance of protecting your house from termites. What you don’t want to forget though is the importance of ongoing inspections.  These inspections are one of the main reasons we only use bait stations and recommend you doing the same.  Just like in the video, you are able to remove the stations and visually inspect whether or not there is any active termite activity.  When there is you know they are now present and to be more diligent in watching for them.  You also will know that if they are actively feeding that soon the colony will collapse.  You can also change out the old bait for new in the event there is heavy activity.  If the bait starts to break down you can also change it out.  The important thing to remember is don’t just treat and forget!  Make sure you are inspecting the bait stations at least twice a year for activity or issues!  Hope this helps!

Leaf Removal vs Mulching

Your grass may not be growing but you still need to keep your lawn clean! If you have trees anywhere near your yard then there no doubt by now that you have seen a ton of leaves. Depending on the types of trees will depend on the size of leaves, amount and the time they fall. In the start of Fall, using your mower to mulch them up will sometimes be enough. As you get further into the year however, you will usually have to pick up and remove the leaves at least 1-4 times. When you mow over them with a mower it turns them into mulch like it does cutting grass. The issues start when there are too many leaves. You will end up contributing to the thatch layer that sits above the root system in the lawn. Some thatch is an ok thing, too much is harmful to the grass. The issues however are going to be delayed and you won’t see the negatives for some time like when the grass is struggling to grow thick next summer. Another issue is when to many leaves start to form a sort of mat on top of the grass. Over time this mat will stay wet and keep the grass wet. This will then lead to rotting of the grass and other possible fungus issues. Just remember to not let the leaves build up to much on your lawn and unless your mower can make them disappear, there are to many and they need to be picked up and removed. Hope this helps!

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Cut Your Grass Taller

As it warms up there are several things to keep in mind for your grass. Outstanding of feeding and watering it correctly, how you mow it is important as well.  When it is hot outside you actually want to cut your grass taller for several reasons.  First you don’t want to expose the root system and have it get stressed out from the heat.  Taller grass will offer protection to the root systems as well as shade from the heat.  If the roots are healthy then the grass will grow thicker leading to a better overall lawn.  Hope this helps! 

Dog Pee and Dead Grass

We all love our furry friends, but their pee can cause damage in the grass. Dog pee contains a high concentrate of ammonia and nitrogen. If your dog pees in the same spot repeatedly, over time the grass will begin to thin out and eventually die. We often see this damage off the edge of patios, along fences, or near front doors. The best way to avoid damage is to dilute the pee as soon as the deed is done. Hope this helps!!

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How Long To Water

It’s summer and we want to keep the grass green so what do you do?  Possibly one of the most asked questions this time of the year, “How long do I run my sprinkler system?”  There are several factors that go into answering this question.  What kind of heads do you have, how much grass is in the area, is it on a hill, has it been raining, etc.  The biggest thing to remember is don’t water everyday for short periods of time.  Water long and deep. 

Chinch Bugs vs Droughts

With it getting hot 2 things are going to happen.  Chinch bugs are about to become active and yards are about to get dry.  It’s important to know the difference between the two because the can easily be confused and look very similar.  It’s not uncommon for people to think their grass is dry and needs more water.  They turn the sprinklers up higher only to find the issue doesn’t get any better.  It’s not until the large parts of the grass die off that they realize it is actually chinch bugs and they need an insecticide, not more water!  Hope this helps!

3 Tips For Your Lawn

As it warms up we have 3 tips for lawn to make things better.  

1:  Make sure you are cutting your grass higher than normal.  As the grass gets taller it will also get thicker.  Thicker grass leads to healthier grass and better roots.  The taller grass also offers additional shade and protection to the roots as well.  

2:  Water for longer.  You are better off watering the grass fewer times a week but for longer periods of time.  An example would be some people tend to water their grass everyday for 10 minutes.  You would be better off watering 2 times a week for 30 minutes each provided there is no run off.  Watering longer allows for a better soak into the ground. 

3:  Water early in the morning.  When you water early in the morning the wind tends to be less so you get less waste or loss.  It also allows the water to sit on the ground and soak in.  When you water during the day you will lose some to evaporation over soaking in.   

Sago Babies

Have you ever noticed your sago palms having babies!  If you stop and pay close attention you will notice that coming off the main trunk of your main sago are new palms forming.  This is why over time your once normal looking palm now is exploding!  It’s safe to “pop” them off using a shovel in most cases.  Take a look and see what we mean!