Weed eating is already a little frustrating. Spooling the line into the weed eater is a chore itself, and can become increasingly annoying when you’re dealing with old dried out line. The line itself is a hygroscopic material. That is just a fancy way of saying it absorbs moisture from the air. As a company, we go through a lot of this stuff, but homeowners may not go through line as quickly. If it is stored in a dry area, it loses it flexibility and becomes stiff and brittle. Stiff and brittle weed eater line means that you’ll be going through it a lot quicker and it won’t be as easy to put onto your weed eater. The easiest way to solve the problem? Just throw it in a bucket of water for awhile! It will add the moisture back, thus giving you back the flexibility. Hope this helps and let us know if you guys have any questions. #wordsofwisdomwednesday #matthewslandscapeandpest #wefeedgrass #shreveportlawncare #bossierlawncare