Happy Wednesday! You may have noticed leaves covering the ground the past few weeks, and many of you have gotten the rake out already to help manage them. It’s a good idea not to wait until all the leaves have fallen before starting to rake, so you don’t have a thick, compact layer of leaves to have to rake up.

Especially when it comes to your yard, you don’t want to let it build up. These leaves will turn into organic thatch over your yard, which will trap moisture in your grass, and smother new growth. This will also attract pests to burrow in your yard.

When you have your piles of leaves, you’ll then need to choose how to dispose of them. You can mow over thin layers of leaves and turn them into fine mulch for your grass. If you’re moving them off of the pavement, you can put them in trash bags to be sent to the trash, or you can rake them into one big pile to burn. If you choose to burn leaves, make sure to check burning laws for your area and keep a close eye on the flames.

We hope these tips help when you’re dealing with leaf cover! As pretty as they might look, your grass will be happier if you rake them up.