Believe it or not, the best time of day to water your grass is not during the day. It’s not in the evening either. The best time to water is actually early in the morning, sometimes before the sun comes up. Watering during the day can cause a few potential issues. One of the first issues that you could run into is the wind. Typically, at night, the wind is not nearly as…uh…windy. Depending on the type of sprinkler heads you have, the breeze can carry the water to areas other than where you want it to go. Another issue is evaporation. During the hotter parts of the day, the water from sprinklers will quickly evaporate. What little water that makes it to the ground won’t have enough time to soak in properly. Did you ever use a magnifying glass to burn leaves when you were a kid? Well, in the heat of the day, water droplets act as mini magnifying glasses on your blades of grass that can cause damage. Watering early in the morning before the sun comes up is the best time of day for your grass because the soil has time to soak up the water properly. It also gives the blades of grass ample time to dry so you don’t get the magnifying glass effect. Dry grass also helps ward off any fungus that might be lurking. We know this was a long winded video with lots of info, so if you need some further explanation or have any questions, let us know!