Whether you’ve already turned your irrigation system on or not, we want to give you guys a heads up on a couple of things you could be seeing.

Your system has been sitting all winter and the first turn on of the season could release a foul smell. This smell is cause from things like algae build up and stagnant water that has been sitting since the system was turned off in the fall. Don’t worry, this will go away fairly quickly.

Another thing that you will most likely see is sputtering from your sprinkler heads. This is another thing that you don’t need to worry so much about. This is caused by the air being pushed out of the lines. Each zone will continue to spit and sputter until all the air is out of the system.

Once all the air is out and the water starts to flow through, make sure you check each sprinkler head. Clogged up lines can cause a lot of other issues, so if you see a sprinkler head putting out low volume or none at all, it could be as simple as cleaning out the head filter or flushing the lines.

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