What do you know about German roaches?

German roaches are light brown to tan colored roaches with two dark stripes on their back. They have 6 legs, and wings, but rarely fly. They are found more commonly in hotels, restaurants, and other institutional buildings, though they can be found in homes. Typically, you’ll see them in the kitchen or bathroom.

These roaches can come into the home through cracks or crevices to the outside, and they can fit through very small holes. German roaches are also known to ride into houses on grocery bags, packages, boxes, etc. One sign you have German roaches is seeing their small, pepper-like droppings. or dark smudges in the corners of rooms, on top of shelves, and in cracks.

Preventing German roaches is the same as preventing other insects. Clean up crumbs/spills quickly and vacuum often. Don’t let dishes pile up in the sink. And as always, we recommend regularly spraying insecticide around the house to kill bugs.