Having a beautiful lawn is every home-owner’s dream, especially here in the south where the bar is set so high. But nothing so beautiful and well-kept comes without hard work and a good deal of energy, time and professional products invested into it. Since quite a few products tend to go into this, considering a more eco-friendly approach and choosing your lawn service provider carefully is a must. Applying a more environmentally conscious lawn care strategy is good not only for the planet’s greater good, but also for your own lawn on the long term.  Here’s how to do it.

First of all, make sure your lawn is healthy enough before proceeding with anything else. Test the soil’s pH by asking your lawn service provider for a lab run-up. Nothing will thrive there while the pH balance is off, so it’s vital to make sure your lawn is in best shape before proceeding.

Next, always keep in mind that you need to cultivate a rich biomass. The biomass of an area is given by the number of different species on each square meter, and by species we mean not only plants and grass, but also small animals and insects that are part of the living eco-system of your yard. The more different species, the richer the biomass; and that is very good for your lawn’s well-being. The rainforest, for example, has an incredibly rich biomass, and that’s part of the reason why things grow there as vigorously as they do. To further encourage the biomass of your lawn, talk to your lawn service provider about it and make sure they plant the right plants in the right places.

Some species benefit most from shade or from sunlight; or from a certain level of humidity. Also, some species should be placed closer together, while with others it’s not a great idea. Make sure your lawn plan takes all this into consideration and the result will be that the plants will be less stressed, which in turn will make them more protected against diseases and generally stronger. That’s the truly durable lawn foundation you need to invest in. The Shreveport and Bossier City areas are generally friendly enough to allow enriching the biomass, so talk to your lawn service provider to get started.

Also, think about how you can optimize the water usage. Being more eco-responsible should always include better water management. No one benefits from wasted water, on the contrary. Therefore, talk to your lawn service provider about the best watering plan, one that takes into account the fact that each plant and grass type needs different amounts of water to thrive. Don’t ever go for a lazy one size fits all approach, while it might not do any immediate harm, it will considerably add to the total water bill. Good luck and enjoy your lawn.

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