Did you know that mistletoe is a parasite? The mistletoe attaches to the trees and sucks the nutrients right out of them. But, why do we kiss under the mistletoe? Mistletoe’s history goes back to ancient Greece, where it was used for many medicinal purposes. But it’s actually poisonous! It became associated with the Christmas holiday by the 18th century. There is a lot of debate on the actual history of the association, but most people agree that it started in England. The tradition was that men could steal a kiss from any woman caught under the mistletoe. If the women refused a kiss it was considered bad luck and they wouldn’t have any offers of marriage until the next Christmas! Another layer to the tradition was that after each shared kiss, the men would pluck a single berry off of the mistletoe, once the berries were gone, so was the smooching. Well, there is a little history for you guys! If you have any questions, let us know! Be sure to check out of knowledge base at www.matthewslandscape.com/search for more tips!