Every winter… thousands of crape myrtles are subjected to the horrors of… crape murder 😨

What is this terrible crime, you might be asking. Crape murder is when crape myrtles are over-trimmed, causing the limbs that grow back to have large knots in the branches. It also leaves the trees susceptible to disease and pests. When the tree is trimmed over and over in the same spot, it causes even larger knots in the branches. Just don’t!

To spare your crape myrtles this atrocity, leave at least 12-24 inches of your crape myrtle’s limbs, and try not to trim branches bigger than a pencil width in diameter.

If your crape myrtle is in the middle of the yard, you don’t even have to trim it if you don’t want to. It only needs to be trimmed to keep a certain shape or to keep limbs off the house/fence.

So remember this spring, make sure your crape myrtles are happy little trees instead of murdered ones. If you have any questions or need trees trimmed, feel free to chat us on Messenger or give us a call at 318-286-0967. Have a good one!