Termite Treatments:  Bait Stations vs Liquid Applications

Termite season is officially here and several people will have to deal with this issue.  When you start to get estimates you need to also consider how your home will be treated and what products will be used.  Generally speaking you have one of two choices:  bait stations or liquid applications.  We install and only recommend bait stations for several reasons but here are some basic facts so you can make your own decision.  Bait stations are installed approximately every 10-15 feet all the way around your home.  Inside of the station is a product that is designed to attract termites to the station vs your house.  Once they start feeding on the bait it is carried back to the colony to be shared with the other termites.  Since all the termites feed on the bait it will cause the entire colony to collapse and die.  With liquid you spray a barrier around the base of the house.  The termites are not attracted to it rather if they come into contact with the barrier it will kill them.  If there are gaps in the coverage then you could have an issue where termites get to the house and start to feed.  The theory is that you are only killing termites that come close to the house only.  Another issue we see with liquid treatments is you can not see the product once it is applied.  This means it starts to deteriorate over time you will not know.  You are also at the mercy of the applicator trusting that they did in fact apply the correct amount of product.  With bait stations you can at any time see if the bait is being fed on and know if there are active termites in the area.  If the bait starts to break down you will also visually be able to see this and get it replaced.  All of the stations are pre filled with the specific amount of product needed so there is no guessing if the right amount was applied.  For us we go back to the first and main point we made.  Termites are attracted to the bait stations and they will lead to the collapse of the entire colony.  We hope this helps make you more informed.  If you have any questions feel free to let us know!