Every year this time it is very common to hear about termite “swarmers” infesting an area.  Generally speaking people will call because all they see are flying bugs everywhere and they want them gone!  The reality is that they have a far greater problem…active termites in the area. Swarmers are actually future kings and queens looking for an area to form a new colony.  The fact that you are seeing them also means that they flew from another colony somewhere close by. You can also assume that if you are seeing them swam inside the house then part of the colony is already inside the house feeding somewhere.  Most people make the mistake of wanting to kill what they see and then nothing else. Again, swarmers are coming from an existing colony so it is important to treat the immediate area and structure to protect and hopefully kill the main colony.  As the temperatures keep rising, be on the lookout for these swarmers. If you see any and have questions, send us a picture and we will help you identify what’s going on! Hope this helps!