A popular option for termites treatments has become using bait stations. They are installed all the way around your house every 10-20 feet apart. They have a bait in them that attracts termites to feed on them. As they feed they will carry the product back to the colony for others to feed on as well. This will cause the destruction of the total colony. When installing these stations, it is important how deep and wide the holes are. The stations need to fit into the ground very firmly so that the termites can travel through the soil and into the bait stations with ease. If you use something like a post hole digger you will create voids on the edges of the stations which make it difficult for the termites to reach the bait stations. They should be difficult to pull out of the ground and require you to have to pry them out. The bait stations are a great option, just make sure they are getting installed correctly so it doesn’t defeat the purpose. Let us know if you have any questions!