With termite season upon us it is important to understand your most common options for getting a treatment. Typically you will have 2 different options, bait stations or liquid treatment. There are arguably pros and cons to both however we chose to go the bait station route unless there are active termite visible. Termites are what is considered a subterranean insect meaning they live and travel underground. With the bait stations you are installing an attractant bait underground every 10-20 feet. The termites will feed on the bait and carry it back to the colony where the queen and other termites live. When the food is shared it will kill the other termites and cause the entire colony to collapse. The other big advantage to the bait stations is the ability to inspect them for activity to see if there are termites in the area feeding. In the event there is a break down in the bait it is easy to see and replace. The bait also acts as an attractant to the termites. With liquid applications, you are trying to intercept the termites when they get close to the house. Until the termites come into contact with the product there will be no effect on them. The concept is that if you kill enough of the worker termites it will starve the colony out basically. The disadvantage is that if the barrier breaks down due to water or digging in the landscape you have no way of know if there is still an effective amount of product down to kill the termites. If the event there are currently active termites, we always recommend to spray the immediate area and bugs with a termiticide and then install a bait system for the others you can’t see and will be in the area. Hope this helps and let us know if you have any questions!