With all the rain we get in our area it can cause serious problems for homes.  One of the biggest hurdles people often face is where to take the water.  Several yards do not have enough slope of fall to drain the water away and off their property.  Typically french drains and catch basin collect the water and they carry it away in an underground pipe.  When the area is too flat or you don’t have the needed slope to carry it away you may need to consider using a pump.  What you can do is install the drainage system like normal and have all of the water directed to the lowest spot on the property to be collected.  Then you bury a 55 gallon drum or some other large collection tub.  Inside of the drum is an electric pump with a hard pipe leading to the street or some other area you want the water to go to.  All of the water dumps into the drum and is then pumped away.  It is a very effective way to get rid of water and fix all of your drainage issues when there are problems with the grade.  Most people want to add dirt and try to alter the grade of their lawn when they have drainage issues.  It is often cheaper and more effective to just install a drain.  Hope this helps!