Trying to get your lawn in tip-top shape for the upcoming warm season is a perfectly relatable endeavor. We all strive to make your lawn look better, but the information one often finds on this subject sometimes cause more confusion than being actually helpful. To make things easier, let our experts offer you a few quick tips.

1. No need to jump the gun

It’s ok to slow down, in fact, it’s even better if you can hold your horses. We know you’re pretty excited about giving your lawn a make-over, but try to remember it only recently came out of the prolonged winter slumber and the soil still needs a bit of time to recover. Give your lawn a bit of space to breathe and to get back into fertile mode. Meanwhile, plan your next moves with your lawn care provider.

2. Don’t even think about dethatching at this point

Again, try to remember that your lawn was recently still frozen. Running an invasive blade through it would be just unnecessary stress for the soil right now. Proper lawn care is all about timing.

3. Choose your next step: over-seeding versus pre-emergent weed control

Consult with your lawn care service provider about the best way to go for your lawn. You need to choose between the two because performing both will be both inefficient and harmful for your lawn, so consider each option carefully.

4. Water smarter

Even though Shreveport and Bossier City and the surroundings aren’t particularly known for their abundant rains, trust us: your lawn is getting enough water from rain most of the time.  Only rarely is rain not sufficient (in this spring period) and your lawn needs to be supplemented from with your lawn care provider’s irrigation service. To be able to tell for sure, perform the foot test: does your footstep remain “stamped” down in the grass and doesn’t spring right up? Then it really does need water. Otherwise, let rain work its magic.

5. Run some tests

The better you get to know your soil, the better lawn care you can provide for your yard. Find out its acidity levels with the help of your lawn service company and then your lawn care strategy will be clearer.

6. Sharpen your mower blade

Last but not least, don’t ever cut grass with a dull blade – the cuts will take more time and effort to heal. Take the blade to your lawn service provider a.s.a.p. and get it into shape or even replace it. Your lawn will be healthier.

Need help with these issues and lawn maintenance? Matthews Landscape would love to be your provider in Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana.