You may have noticed that some of your shrubs and plants that were damaged by the freezing weather are starting to drop their foliage. A few days after the freeze, the damaged foliage started to yellow and dry up. Now those leaves are beginning to fall off, and if they haven’t, they probably will soon. While it’s not technically “normal”, especially for our area, it is what we expected to happen. Don’t worry, most of the plants are okay. They’re simply shedding the dead foliage and will sprout new leaves in the spring. If the leaves haven’t fallen off yet, depending on the shrub, you will be able to trim the dead off. This doesn’t include plants and shrubs that have buds or blooms right now. You’ll be able to trim them when the blooms fall off later around February. We hope this helps, and if you guys have any questions about damaged plants, just let us know.