Typically, our area doesn’t get cold enough for long enough for us to need to worry about covering your plants. But with this upcoming weather, you may want to consider doing just that. There are a few options when it comes to covering them. You can use a plastic covering, or a cloth covering.  The plastic covering is very light and will hold up to any water. But as soon as the plastic touches the plant, you’ll lose any insulation. Cloth tends to be more effective but can be really heavy. You could also combine the two with the cloth first then the plastic over it to provide some waterproofing. Either material you go with, make sure that you use some stakes under the covering to create an air pocket. It’s not actually the material that is protecting the plant. You’re trying to trap the warmer air for the plants. The material also needs to go down to the ground on all sides of the plant along with a seal; bricks work well. Hope This helps and stay warm out there!