Rose Rosette

We have seen Rose Rosette for the first time in Shreveport that we are aware of. Rose Rosette is a disease that is caused by an actual virus. The virus is carried and spread by mites which is a bug. The biggest issue with Rosette is there is no known cure. Once the plants have it they must be removed and destroyed. Some people will tell you to go to the extremes of burning the plants to make sure the virus is killed. The other issue is that after you remove the roses you can not replant any more there since the virus is in the soil. The biggest issue in our area is going to be with Knockout Roses. You will notice disfigured branches, excess thorns and poor blooms to name a few things. Watch the video to see more examples of how to spot this disease. Once you find it, do not delay and get rid of your plants.

Heres is a link to the LSU Ag Center for more info