Today we have a Wellness Wednesday tip on keeping centipede grass healthy.

Centipede grass is a perennial warm-season grass. It’s sometimes called the Lazy Man’s grass because it requires less maintenance than other similar grass types.

A good indicator that something is wrong with centipede grass is the blades turning a reddish color. This coloration is caused by some type of stress on the grass- by traffic, drought, or pests. Mowing in the same direction week to week can cause this, as well as mowing while the grass is too dry.

Properly irrigate the grass, and then resume mowing to reduce making the stress worse. Also, only one-third of the grass top should be mowed per mowing. A good mowing height of centipede grass is 1-2 inches. A final tip is to fertilize your centipede grass regularly to avoid stress caused by low fertility.

If you have any questions about this or need help taking care of stressed grass don’t be afraid to reach out!