If this is the year you decide to get Christmas Lights there are a few important questions you need to make sure you ask.

1:  Am I getting to purchase the lights or am I just leasing them?

The purchase model is one of the more popular choices we see people take advantage of.  With this model there is an upfront investment the first year to actually purchase the lights but in the years that follow you are only paying to have them installed and removed.  They are your lights and you can do with them as you please.  If you decide to change your installer then you have the material to let someone else use.  With the lease model you do not own anything.  You are just renting the lights during Christmas and pay the same fee every year.

2:  What kind of material are you using?

With commercial grade material you have the ability to custom cut the Christmas lights to fit your home.  If you need 33 feet of lights then that is exactly what you cut.  You also want to ask about what size bulbs are being used.  C9 bulbs are the larger and more popular bulbs.  Don’t get sold the cheaper and smaller C7’s because they wont look as good in the end!

3:  LED vs Incandescent?

LED’s are taking over the market very fast.  Not only do they last longer but they also save you money with the electrical bill.  Incandescents are also made of glass and break very easily.  They usually are only good for 2 maybe 3 seasons and then have to be replaced.