Happy Monday. We have a week of rain in the forecast, which could spell big problems for your yard and plants. Without proper drainage, you might notice standing water on your property that’s only made worse by our watery winter.

Too much moisture can cause fungus, pests that eat grass and plants, and topsoil erosion.

To avoid these problems, first ensure your current drainage is clear, including cleaning your gutters before there’s a lot of rain. If you’re having persistent standing water, you may want to look into a drainage system for your property. Catch basins or French drains can make a world of difference in how water is moved on your property. The type of drainage you need depends on the specifics of your problem and the makeup of your yard.

If you want to assess your drainage and see if a drainage system is right for you, give us a call at 318-286-0967 for your free estimate.