Pre-Emergents vs Herbicides

Weeds have to germinate to grow. The important thing to remember is Pre-Emergent prevents the weeds growing. The Herbicides attack the weed after the weed has already grown.

The issue with herbicides is that they will attack an existing weed but if you have other weeds that haven’t germinated yet, herbicides won’t kill those weeds, pre-emergents will. If you want a good looking lawn it’s better to apply the pre-emergents and start well before the weeds even germinate and prevent the vast majority of weeds from ever germinating.

Your lawn is more than just grass. Maybe it’s your children’s playground, maybe it your pride and joy. It’s definitely the first thing people see when they look at your house. You deserve to have the most beautiful looking grass on the street. We all like compliments, let us help you get one from the neighbors!!!

Our lawn care program is designed and overseen by some of the most able bodies we could find. With degrees in turf management and agronomy, let’s just say they know a lot about grass!

Our program consist of 6 steps throughout the year. This allows us to be on your lawn every 6-8 weeks giving your lawn just what is needed at just the right time! Give us a call to set up your first appointment.  Have a great day!