We are in FULL pre emergent mode around here! These trucks are about to hit the road with full routes of perhaps the most important application of the year, for sure next Spring!

When you think of Fall pre emergents you think of winter weeds like clovers and such that will take over a lawn when it’s cold outside. While this is correct, it’s important to note that the most important weeds it will prevent are the ones you will see this upcoming March and April. Most of the weeds you see during these months are actually still winter weeds. The lie dormant all winter just waiting on the temperatures to warm up and like a light switch the blow up! You basically have 2 options to deal with this issue.
1-Be proactive and apply a pre emergent NOW
2-Be reactive and “attempt” to kill the weeds as they start to grow.

Make the right call and get ahead of the game…apply your pre emergents this fall and don’t fight weeds next spring!