Now that the weather is warming up again, you might start to notice your plants looking brown or shriveled if they were exposed to the freezing temps and snow we had. They may start dropping their leaves as well, which is normal. Tropicals and other warm-weather plants will have the most damage. If you’re concerned if your plants are dead or alive, try gently scraping a stem or branch with your fingernail. If there’s green inside, that part of the plant is still alive.

Don’t trim your dead plants yet. Wait until the spring when the temperatures are warmer and we won’t see any more freezing temperatures.

Don’t be alarmed when you have to do major cutbacks to several of your plants. They will need a total reset to come back stronger and healthier.

Do make sure you feed your plants a quality slow-release fertilizer this Spring. Make sure it is early and don’t wait too long.

We hope this helps! If you’re worried about your plants and want advice, feel free to send us a picture or ask any questions you have below. Have a good one.