It’s one of the most popular asked question this time of year.. “Which is better.. Pine straw or Mulch?”

In all honesty.. The ball is in your court! While both have their own pros and cons, one does not out do the other. For example, price. The price difference between the two is not enough to choose one over the other. Here are a few things that may help you decide.
Don’t install mulch if pine trees are in the yard. Although mulch tends to look much cleaner, over time it ends up covered in pine straw looking messy! Pine straw is a hiding place for snakes… so that a huge con for some people! If landscape beds hold water keep in mind, mulch is more likely to wash out of the bed vs pine straw.
The list could go on and on. At the end of the day, choose whichever looks better in your opinion or best fits your situation. Let us know if you have any questions!