Nutsedge is a grassy like weed that is very easily identified by its bright green waxy like appearance. It grows much taller than your regular grass so it is very easy to pick out. Nutsedge thrives in any kind of soil, but it prefers moist areas. This is commonly around AC units, along fence lines, and in areas that hold water. Although it thrives in damp areas, established nutsedge will grow anywhere. Pulling nutsedge is the common reaction when it appears. If you do not get down to the nutlet this will cause germination underground. Reproduction of tubers can occur if the tube is torn and not completely removed.

The best treatment for nutsedge is to spray it with a chemical– For example Sledgehammer. To prepare for treatment: Avoid mowing a day prior to allow adequate foliage to absorb the treatment. Do not mow for two days to allow the chemical to move to the tubers.