Myth 1: Termite infestations are easy to detect. 

Reality: Termites are actually silent invaders and can cause damage to a home before they’re ever detected. This is why annual inspections are recommended. 

Myth 2: A home was treated once and never needs to be treated again.

Reality: Even the strongest treatments break down over time, which leaves your home unprotected for an invasion.

Myth 3: Termites aren’t a problem in the winter/cold months.

Reality: While it’s true that termites are more active in the spring and summer months, they don’t just simply disappear in winter. They actually tunnel deeper into wood, searching for warmth. 

Myth 4: Termite bait stations attract termites to your home. 

Reality: We actually get this a lot and can understand how one might believe this. Termite bait stations will intercept the termites before they make it to your home. If there are no termites in the area, the stations are simply there to provide interception when they DO show up. 

Myth 5: Termite prevention is expensive. 

Reality: You would be surprised at how cost effective termite treatment and prevention can be…especially when compared to the cost of repairing termite damage to your home! Give our office a call if you’d like to set up a free termite inspections and to get a quote for termite prevention. 

Hope this clears up a few myths about termites, but as aways, if you have any questions – let us know!