Happy Friday! We’re back with another Pest Control: Myth or Fact. Today we’re talking about silverfish, one of the strangest bugs you might see crawling on your bathroom tile.

Silverfish are not fish; they aren’t always silver either, two common myths about them. These are small insects nicknamed for the fishy way they move on the ground. They don’t swim, however, and they don’t bite either. They may look unsettling, but they can’t bite, sting, or spread diseases to humans. Silverfish can carry allergens inside that could trigger your allergies. You’ll likely find silverfish in bathrooms or kitchens, areas with a lot of moisture. If you have a silverfish problem, your home might have a serious moisture issue.

How did you do? We hope this dispelled some myths about silverfish, and gave you some insight on why they could appear in your house. If you enjoyed this, then like and follow for more tips! If you need help with pests, give us a call today at 318-286-0967 for a free pest control estimate. Have a great weekend!