Cutting your grass on a weekly schedule during the growing season is important for many reasons. One of those reasons is thatch. Thatch is dead organic build up in your grass: grass clippings, leaves, etc. When you cut your grass the the dead clippings eventually settle under the grass and above the soil. A little thatch isn’t a bad thing. When you cut your grass every other week, the grass is taller and the mower can’t mulch the clippings as effectively as it would with weekly mowing. When that happens, over time the thatch builds up and essentially chokes out your grass. Air and nutrients can’t get down to the roots through such a thick layer of dead material. There are a few ways to de-thatch your yard. You can use a power rake, also called a de-thatcher, or you can use a regular rake. If you have any questions about de-thatching, let us know.