Mosquito Treatment

The only good mosquito is a dead one!  There are several ways to treat mosquitoes.  We use a barrier treatment.  We spray with an insecticide on the landscaping area.  The reason we spray the landscaping areas because mosquitoes like the shade, they hate the sun.  When you use a barrier treatment, it is moving all the leaves around allowing the insecticide to coat both sides.  So no matter where the mosquito lands on the landscape, it will come in contact with the insecticide and they die. 

Considering the mosquito was invented in Louisiana it should also come as no surprise the need to kill these guys off.  The only thing worse than stickers in your grass is getting eaten up by mosquitos!  We use a process known as fogging or barrier spray to help control mosquitos in your yard.  We do this with a water based insecticide that doesn’t have a smell, leave stains or residue behind. After approximately 30 minutes after your application, you won’t be able to tell that we were there other than the fact that you are not getting eaten up by mosquitos anymore!! Contact us about the first treatment price!!