Have you ever wondered why or how Mistletoe became a Christmas tradition? Most everyone knows about stealing a kiss under the mistletoe but why? It all started in ancient Greece. The plant was thought to have links to fertility since it is able to grow during the winter, it must be strong and able to live. People would make tea out of it but the issue there is it can be fatal. The tradition of kissing that we know today is thought to have started in England. Whenever someone is caught under some hanging, you can steal a kill on the cheek. It’s even said that if a woman denies the kiss she wont get proposed to for the entire year. After taking you kiss your suppose to remove one of the berries. After all the berries are gone the kissing stops. So there you have it! There are some other versions out there on how it got started but this is the one most people agree with!

What even is Mistletoe??? It’s actually a parasite that grows on tree mostly. It gets there from bird poo. When the parasite starts to grow it wraps around the tree limbs and sucks all the nutrients and water out of the limb. Hope this helps!