Spring is not only the beginning of nature’s New Year, but also a renewal for people’s enthusiasm and plans for the outdoor world. And since the wonderful outdoors begins with one’s lawn, home owners are concerned with how they can give their spring lawns the best start to keep them healthy for the rest of the year. To make sure you lay a solid foundation for your lawn’s well-being early on, here are a few easy steps to begin with.

1. A light raking is essential before anything else.

Before moving on to other lawn care operations, give the soil a light raking to remove the residues left-over from last year and especially to make sure there aren’t any potential moldy patches. Sometime mold can form due to the snow’s humidity and if allowed to endure, such mold can spread out and harm the vegetation you plan to grow. But if you rake too vigorously, you risk removing too much of the soil’s good layers loaded with a nutrients and fertile compounds. Get a professional lawn care provider to take care of this for you.

2. Prevent compact soil through aeration.

If you skip aeration, you risk allowing the compact soil to prevent a proper absorption of water and nutrients that are so vital for lawn growth. Don’t cripple your yard’s future stamina and ask your lawn service provider for a session of core aeration.

3. De-thatch carefully.

The final step in removing any old soil impediments to this year’s lawn renewal is the so necessary but often neglected de-thatching. The thatch is a harmful layer of dead leaves and decaying plant tissues that can poison the future grass generations by preventing a proper water and nutrient penetration. Give your soil a fresh start and enlist professional de-thatching services.

4. Fertilize.

For the Shreveport and Bossier City areas, the soil needs a little fertilizing boost. Consult with your lawn service provider to sketch out a good plan about which areas need some pre-emergent and which need to be reseeded.

5. Mow smarter.

Every home owner tends to have his or her lazy moments when it comes to mowing, and the tendency is to do it less often and for more of the grass’s length. But for best results that don’t result in too much stress for the lawn, have your lawn care company mow more often and just with a tiny cut.

6. Test the soil for a better approach.

Only by running some lab tests on your soil you can confirm that you’re doing everything right, or find out the truthful answer to questions about why something might have went wrong. To make sure you’re using the best approach and lawn care products for your soil, first get to know it in as many details as possible. Contact your lawn service provider and ask them for a full run-up. Every soil is unique and you should learn how to handle yours for the best.

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