Let’s Debunk This Termite Myth

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Articles, Newsletters | 0 comments

There is an age-old debate about which is better – barrier treatment or bait stations when treating termites? We go with the bait stations.. and here’s why. Some say that using bait stations is like ringing a dinner bell and attracting the termites to your house. While the barrier treatment only stops some of the termites already headed for your house, the bait stations attract the termites AWAY from your house and to the bait stations.  Another benefit is as the termites feed on the bait station, they carry the bait back to the colony to cause the entire colony to collapse. Our mission is to not just intercept termites as they come to feed on your house but to eliminate your termite problem completely. Let us know if you need our help or have any questions. #matthewslandscape #andpestcontrol #termites


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