We can’t express enough the importance of cutting your grass on a consistent basis. When you go for longer periods of time without mowing, this causes thatch to build up. Thatch build up can occur when grass grows so tall the mower does not have the full opportunity to mulch the grass. The leftover piles of grass settle and cause a thicker thatch layer. This prevents water, fertilizers, and nutrients from fully getting to the roots. Also make sure that you don’t mow in the same direction every time. This will cut down on what is called “tracking.” Tracking creates small divots in your lawn from going over the same patterns over and over. So switch it up a little! Lastly, make sure you take care of your mower by doing regular maintenance. Changing the oil, replacing or sharpening your blades, checking air filters, and cleaning the mower itself are important to prolonging your mower’s life. Hope this helps, and check out our website’s knowledge base for more tips!