Happy Monday! The weather is getting warm fast, which is great for outdoor activities… but it also means lawn stickers are back. Lawn stickers are burs produced by burweed, and they can be a big problem.

Burweed is a weed that germinates in the fall and develops in early winter/late spring. When it gets hot outside, the weed dies and releases its burs. They’re painful to step on and can get caught on shoes, clothes, pets, etc.

The best way to prevent burweed is by applying a pre-emergent in the fall to stop it from germinating and growing. If you currently have stickers right now then unfortunately you don’t have any options. You can use a bagger mower to suck up some of them but it won’t get all of the stickers. It’s important to remember that having stickers now means the seed heads developed and they are in the soil for next year. You’ll want to apply a pre-emergent next fall to prevent the seeds from growing, or wait until next spring and kill the weed while it is young.

We hope this helps! If you have any questions, let us know!