This will be the last of our lawn destroyer series…for now. Today we are going a little more into detail about our most common foe, the chinch bug. Chinch bugs don’t feed on the grass blades or roots like our other two pests. They have small beaks that they use to poke into the blade and suck the nutrients out. This is what makes it so difficult for someone to know that they have chinch bugs. The damage can look extremely similar to damage from lack of water. Chinch bugs can be prevented and treated with regular lawn insecticide treatments with products like Bifen (another win for Bifen!) Well, there you have it! That’s our three part series about our area’s most common lawn destroying pests and what you should do if you find yourself battling with them. If you guys have any more questions about chinch bugs, army worms, or grub worms, just let us know!