Start early with your spring lawn care and follow these 6 steps for amazing results. Your lawn will never have been prettier.

1. Begin with a healthy soil foundation.

Spring is the ideal time to perform some tests on your soil to see if the acidity and nutrient levels are favorable to the grass or not. Knowing these facts will also help you choose more appropriate lawn care products in the future, so get talk to your lawn care company and order the tests now. Just like any other living organism, your soil needs healthcare too.

2. Don’t fertilize at any time.

You need to carefully consider when the best time to fertilize would be, so that you avoid wasting the fertilizer. Observe your lawn’s behavior and wait for a sudden noticeable boost in the growth rate. That is the moment you’ve been waiting for: the ideal time window in which to ask your lawn care company to fertilize it for maximum efficiency.

3. Avoid over-watering.

Although your lawn is in Shreveport or Bossier City or the like, where the climate tends to get dry, when it comes to watering, less is more. Don’t be overzealous and let rain do its job. If you over-do it, your lawn can actually become more sensible to drought, and a humid environment is an ideal medium for fungi and other diseases. Once the temperatures get higher, you can put your lawn care company on irrigation job.

4. Keep weeds in line with strong grass.

The best way to prevent weeds is making sure you provide your lawn with the best lawn care possible. The more vigorous the grass gets, the more it becomes capable of fighting weeds on its own, by naturally push them out from within thick grass patches. Also, controlling weeds with some pre-emergent herbicide never hurt anyone, especially if you also look into eco-friendly alternatives.  Contact your lawn service provider for details.

5. Don’t mow everything.

Allow your grass to reach a decent height (3-4 inches) before mowing it for the first time this year, and on subsequent cuttings never cut more than a third of its total height at a time. Ask your lawn service provider for details and for frequent mowing services for the best results.

6. Make a list of to-dos so you don’t forget anything.

Things to bear in mind: aerating, over-seeding the bare and bold spots, installing or preparing the irrigation system, applying a thin layer of organic matter, applying fertilizer (a bit later into full spring bloom) and so on. Your lawn maintenance provider will help with all that. Good luck!

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