Even though it’s still hot out there, we are in fall with October right around the corner. This is a good time to practice some healthy mowing habits to make sure your grass looks great now and will continue to thrive through winter and into spring. When it comes to mowing here in the South, we want to keep up weekly mowing until about November (we start bi-weekly mowing on November 1st).

Remember to alternate your mowing patterns to avoid tracking (or the small divots you sometimes see in your yard). Finally, continuing to mow your lawn while leaves are falling from your trees will prevent the leaves from creating a mat on top of your grass. Lots of wet leaves covering your grass is not healthy and can trap too much moisture there, as well as turn into organic thatch.

We hope this helps. If you want to get set up for any of our lawn care programs including fertilizer and weed control, feel free to give us a call at 318-286-0967 or send us a message. Have a good one!