Happy Friday! We can hardly believe it’s almost November already. Now that temperatures are cooling and we’re getting regular rain again, it’s important to adjust how you’re watering your lawn. Right now, you should reduce how long you’re running your sprinkler system to avoid over-watering. We recommend using a rain gauge to see how much rainwater your grass is receiving and factor that into your watering. Because Louisiana weather can be unpredictable, you may have to adjust your watering again if it starts to get very warm and dry.

It’s vital that you aren’t over-watering your grass right now with our morning low temperatures and daytime highs. This is a perfect storm for lawn fungus to grow. Fungus thrives on moisture, and if grass is over-watered it can be hard to stop.

Brown patch and take-all root rot are lawn fungi that have the potential to take over your yard. Brown patch looks like symmetrical patches of brown/grayish grass that pop up over the yard. Root rot appears as highlighter green grass blades at first, then looks like large patches of dead grass that grow larger.

If you need help with your irrigation system or have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 318-286-0967 or send us a message. Have a great weekend!