It’s flea season, you guys! We have had many calls about fleas taking over yards and homes. So we wanted to talk about them today. Fleas are hard to prevent. You may be doing your part, but if you have a close neighbor that isn’t treating, or if your dog visits an area with fleas, you may be fighting a losing battle. But there is hope! Treating a flea problem is a process. First, you must treat your pet! Flea collars and other flea treatments work well for your pets. Next, you need to treat your yard. Make sure you’re focusing on the areas that your pet hangs out the most. Then, you need to treat your home as well. Make sure that along with treatment, you vacuum everything, including your carpets, rugs, and couches. In heightened seasons, you’ll just need to pay attention to your pet and stay on top of their treatments when necessary. Hope this helps and if you need help with fleas, let us know!