Has your yard been feeling a bit too marshy these past weeks? Don’t bring out the canoes just yet… you might just need a drainage system. There are many outdoor drainage solutions available, and what you need depends on the layout of your yard and where the water is.

Two popular installations are a French drain and a surface drain. French drains are trenches with a PVC pipe in the ground, surrounded by a permeable wrapping and a layer of gravel or rock around it. These drains collect excess water from the soil and redirect it away via the pipe.

Surface drains are metal grates flush with the ground, that collect water and redirect it from a pipe underneath. These are meant to collect water pooling in the yard quickly to prevent flooding or other damage.

Getting rid of standing water on your property can help reduce lawn fungus, mosquitos, and other pests attracted to it.

Don’t let your yard stay a swamp, consider a drainage system. If you want a free estimate from one of our irrigation experts, give us a call today at 318-286-0967. Have a good one!