The fungus Leaf Spot is still not any better in our area, particularly on Indian Hawthorns. I’m sure you have noticed by now the orange, yellow, red leaves on the plants. If you look closer you will notice dark colored spots on the leaves. These spots are where it gets its name from, Leaf Spot. The fungus tends to exist in areas where there is a lot of water and not much air flow. As they stay wet the fungus starts to develop and spread. We see it a lot in the areas where the plants are packed in super tight and where there is excessive irrigation. An easy solution is to thin out the area and give the plants some growing and breathing room. Immediately though the plants will need to be treated with a fungicide. In cases where all of the leaves have fallen off, the plant may still be alive but the overall damage is just too much. You would be much better to just replace the plant and start all over. If you do use a fungicide, don’t be alarmed if 2 applications are required for complete treatment. Here is a link to one we have had good success with. The entire plant both inside and out needs to be completely covered when it is sprayed. If there are an excessive amount of leaves on the ground it is also a good idea to pick them up and remove them from the area since they can carry active fungal spores. Hope this helps!