With all the rain we’ve been having lately, preventing lawn fungus is more important than ever. If you are watering your lawn right now, STOP. The ground is soaked- trust me, my feet were wet after taking this footage.

On top of not watering right now, one of the lawn applications we offer is a fungicide package. This is a spray applied to the lawn to help treat lawn fungus like take-all root rot and brown patch. Most lawns will have fungus at some point, so a fungicide plan helps regularly treat any fungus in the yard. Fungus loves water, so eliminating standing water in your yard is also important to prevent fungus.

We have a lot of examples of fungus on our website and socials so you can have an idea of what you’re looking for. Yellow, circular patches of grass can be a sign of brown patch, and highlighter green grass that turns brown/gray can be root rot. If you notice these signs, you’ll want to get it confirmed as fungus and start treatment as soon as possible to stop it from spreading. If left untreated, fungus can and will destroy whole lawns.

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