Stickers are such a pain. Did you know these are actually winter weeds? These stickers, or burweed, actually germinate in the fall and grow during the winter. In the summer they start to flourish like most other weeds, and as the summer goes on, the weeds begin to die. The catch with these weeds is that when they die they become a big pain. The burr itself gets hard and this is the part of the weed that’s painful when you step on it. There are a couple of ways to take care of them. The first and and most effective way is to prevent them from ever germinating in the first place by using pre-emergents in the fall. While that’s the best way to deal with them, it doesn’t really do you any good right now. This time of year, the best course of action is to treat for them while they’re still relatively underdeveloped; before they start to develop the burrs. Using a chemical like MSM will help knock them out, but if you’re too late in treating them, you may get stuck with them. Hope this helps!

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