Anyone who has ever fought with weeds in their yard will tell you that liquid chemicals give a far better control than granular.  In order for this to be effective though you need to know how much product your putting out. To do this you equipment will need to be calibrated correctly.  This task is extremely easy and extremely important.  Since most people will be using a hand sprayer that is what we will focus on.  To start, mark off a 10×10 area on the concrete to give you 100 sqft.   Next fill your sprayer with plan water.  Now you will need to time your self spraying the 100 sqft area.  Once this is complete spray into a container for the same amount of time.  This will tell you how much water it takes to spray 100sqft.  Armed with this knowledge you next will look at the chemical you are using.  There will be some basic math involved and the numbers will be different for each person.  Now you know how much chemical to mix in your tank and can apply the right amount to the grass for weed control.  While granular products work ok, liquid is by far the best to control weeds in your grass.  If you need more help feel free to call or email our office!