Happy Friday! We wanted to end the week with some pest control memes, especially with all the rain we’re seeing today. Bugs want shelter too, and if they can get in your house, they will. Your chancla can kill one or two bugs, but if you’re dealing with more, you’ll want your house sprayed for pests.

Besides regular pest control treatments, you can also clean up any spills quickly so you don’t attract bugs, and don’t leave dishes with food lying around. Bugs are looking for food, water, and shelter when they invade. If you have any weep holes around the outside of the house, filling them and spraying the area will help as well.

If you want regular pest control treatment, feel free to reach out for a free estimate today at 318-286-0967.

And no, you don’t want to ask Dylan about the things he’s seen on the job, especially if you’re eating… 🕷