Have you ever noticed Indian Hawthorns in your landscape getting very thin and losing all of their leaves?  You may even notice the leafs turning red and orange before they fall off.  Before long the entire plant looks dead and bald.  Chances are your shrubs are suffering from a disease called Leaf Spot.  It’s a fungus that attacks shrubs like hawthorns very hard.  Typically you will first notice dots or spots forming on the leafs then the plant starts to drop all of the leafs.  Once it forms in one plant it will also start to spread to the others nearby as well.  We typically see it in areas where there is excessive moisture or not much air flow.  It also is common in areas where the plants are planted very thick and form a hedge.  The good news is unless you have let the issue go on to long the plants can be treated using a fungicide.  The entire plant and surrounding plants will need to be sprayed at least once and sometimes twice depending on how advanced the issue is.  We also recommend removing all of the affected leaves that have been dropped.  Reducing the amount of water the plants get and allowing them to dry out is also a very good practice.  Here is a link to a effective product we recommend to use if you decide to tackle this project!